------Tours WITH guide, food and beverage------

5 to 6 hours

last this Aysen's 

Biosphere Tour. It leads from Chacabuco, where we pick you up with an adequate Vehicle. From here we go eastwards by crossing the longest suspension bridge in Chile, the Puente Ibañez. From here we will take the first of two off-road parts of the tour and following the traces of the biggest Saurier on the planet earth scientists have ever found, the "Titanosaurus" deep into the patagonien rainforrest. Once we have reached one of the largest lakes called "Lake Riesco" you will enjoy a the typical chilean aperitif "Pisco Sour" and taking great fotos of this wonderful scenery.

From here we will go on to the former capital "Puerto Aysen", where we will visit the typical center called "Plaza de armas", having a small toilett-break and taking a foto of the "golden gate" of Aysen which was designed by Mr. Eiffel.

We continue on the Rute 7 which is part of the Carretera Austral to get into the second

off-road part of the tour to immerse yourself into a unique Valley called "Valle Pangal". This biosphere reserve with its more than 70 different birds and amazing plants will impress you. We end on a beautiful Waterfall named "del leon" with an high of 40 meters. Here we will have a small picknick with a Gourmet-Sandwich, Wine and/or water and another pisco sour, if you wish.
The weather in Patagonia is unpredictable and it is difficult to calculate, but this also means an incredible variety of colors. However, we recommand to bring a warm Rainjacket, sunglasses an a hat/cap and good outdoor-shoes like hiking shoes!
After the pcknick-break, we continue to see the  "mysterious/ghost" lagoon which presents the Region after a immense fire in the year 1935. From here we will go further on the old path of the pioneers surrounded by the andes and crossing a Suspension Bridge by walking on it and taking beautiful Fotos! Afterwards we will have a last opportunity to inhale this breathtaking nature on the way back to the port, where the ship is waiting on you!
A tour made for nature lovers and photographers! The flora and fauna is clearly in the foreground here on this tour!


Advise: Guests must be physically fit and able to climb over rocks, slippery surfaces and have no major mobility issues!

Minimum: 6 people

Maximum: 15 People per Van

Price per person: 155 USDollar, cash, payable in the port with clean, not torned or lettered bills! Thank you!

Including: Transfer, Guide, 1 Gourmet-Sandwich (with organic meet), wine/pisco sour, 1 softdrink, tax.

In any case we reserve the right for optimally capacity utilization for our tours.


Have you ever dreamed of Fly fishing in the heart of Patagonia, the Region of Aysén as you have seen it in the movie "A River runs through it"...HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!!!

This Fisherman's Tour is reaching out to all the anglers and non-anglers who will might have the hatch of their life in such an impressing Environment of a unique nature. Where the rivers are so clean....the trouts are so big and the whole scenery is so amazing...as it was back in days…

Depending on your stay-in-time at the port of Chacabuco our professional FLY fishing guide will pick you up with a 4 x 4 car and bring you to the best local Rivers or Lakes as for example the SIMPSON RIVER.

A movie tells more than thousends of pictures...so have a look and enjoy!

Max. participants: 4

Price per Person: 210 USDollar, incl. tax.

Whats included: Transfer, Guide, Equipment, Food and beverage

This 5 to 6 Hours

Coyhaique City tour brings you from the port of Chacabuco, where we will pick you up with a corresponding vehicle while driving east towards Argentina along the Simpson river through the cold rainforrest with its breathtaking nature and you are surrounded by the mountains of the Andes and its animals to the capital of the region of Aísen, Coyhaique, which means "by or between the rivers". On the way we will have a lot of stopovers to shoot some great pictures and special views to the surroundings.

We will walk downtown and visit different monuments, the plaza de armas and some nice handicraft markets. I will show you how is life in this part of the world. To "round off" the whole impression, we will have a typical chilean lunch in a typical chilean restaurant. After enjoying our lunch, we go by vehicle through the rest of the city, showing you places where no buses can go.

On our way back to the port we will have a last stop on the nicest and biggest waterfall around, the "cascada de virgin" with all its beauty.

Afterwards we bring you back to the port where the ship is waiting for you.

Minimum: 8 People

Price per person: 125 USDollar, cash, payable in the port with clean, not torned or lettered bills! Thank you!

Including: Transfer, Guide, Lunch, 1 Beer/Coke or Water, 1 Pisco sour, tax.

If you wish an exclusive tour on your own, for 2 or as a closed group, than the price increase 50% per person!

In any case we reserve the right for optimally capacity utilization for our tours.